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The Institute for Healthcare Quality [iHQ], located in Mumbai, is a premier institute for training and development of healthcare quality and patient safety in India. iHQ is a not- for - profit initiative of the Healthcare Quality Trust, India. iHQ is dedicated to improving the health of the public: by enriching the mental models, passion, collabarative inquiry, personal mastery and systems awareness of healthcare professionals in India. iHQ's mission is to build nation-wide capability for healthcare improvement in india, by encouraging and supporting healthcare organizations in india, to adopt and adapt world-class benchmarks, systems and methods. iHQ is an advocate for policies that help to build a sustainable, equitable, evidence based and patient centered healthcare system in india.

We bring to you more than fifeteen years of research and development in the field of healthcare quality and wish to serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the healthcare systems of india and other developing countries. We are the third institute dedicated to healthcare quality in developing countries and the first institute for healthcare quality in India.

We can help you : Learn, Improve & Spread

Learn to Improve.

Learn to Lead.

Learn to Collaborate.

Systemic Opportunities.

Systemic Change.

Systemic Effectiveness.

Sustain the Gains.

Scale Up.

Socialization of Quality.

What are your colleagues thinking? Who else is interested in what you are doing? Connect to find ideas, energy, hope, support and know how, from peers across the country and globally. Start the conversation now! The Institute for Healthcare Quality is proud to sponsor this online social network of healthcare quality professionals, students and patients interested in improving healthcare quality in India. It is free!.

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