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Prakash Dhanabal
Dr. Prakash Dhanabal

Dr.Prakash Dhanabal Venketesan Graduated in medicine from the university of Madras, He has worked intermittently in Critical Care and Cardiology for over six years; He has taught Bio-Statistics and Epidemiology to undergraduates in Medicine .

In 1997 he trained at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement[IHI], Boston. He was certified as CPHQ by National Association for Healthcare Quality in the USA, between 2003 to 2005. He has worked full-time in Healthcare Quality for over six years, in premier institution in Chennai & Mumbai.

He is currently pursuing a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Mumbai, with Western Epistemology and Philosophy of Science as the optional subjects.

Dr. Prakash is the Chief Instructor for the 'Clinical Practice Excellence' course.