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iHQ's Social Learning Forums:

Healthcare quality is a new field in India. Most professionals are in the early phase of the learning curve and thus require guidance and peer support.If you do not have  experience in health quality, you need not  worry. We’ve built  the centre for healthcare collabration or Collabrum for short, to give you resources and connections in the field. iHQ's social forums are designed to help people to learn together. By joining the collabrum one can find and connect with people, across india or perhaps the globe, having common interests in learning, teaching or leading improvement . This is a free membership service.


What are your colleagues thinking? Who else is interested in what you are doing? Connect to find ideas, energy, hope, support and know how, from peers across the country and globally. Start the conversation now! The Institute for Healthcare Quality is proud to sponsor this online social network of healthcare quality professionals, students and patients interested in improving healthcare quality in India. It is free!.

Improvement is not mere understanding, it requires achievement. It is change that is embedded in statistics, systems, knowledge and psychology. It is learning- in -action. The quality of improvement requires research and theory. As a methodology, improvement requires refined vocabularies and formats of discourse that allow better exposition of the science in improvement. The Improvement Science Study Circles [ISSC] and the series of Improvement Science Seminars, support our "Communities of Learning".

You are needed! To dignify quality we must first create academic space for it. To mainstream quality we must go upstream: co-create improvement science curriculums and better ways of delivering them. Improvement science shares logical structure with clinical reasoning, closes the audit loop and is the next step in the evolution of evidence based medicine. Qnowledge is about bridging academia and community by creating "Communities of Scholars" to facilitate practice based learning. Learning and teaching are integral, reciprocal and always incremental. What you know, teach now.

Improvement is about action and interaction, within and between organizations. There is no single more important factor identified in the teachings of the gurus and recent scientific research, than the need for leadership. The need, urgency, direction, texture, quantum and momentum of change depend on leadership. Leadership is not about position but about maximizing possibilities. Irrespective of the stature or nature of your work, leadership can and must be learnt. If you wish to make a difference. First, you must lead. Improvement will follow.