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Arguments for a better healthcare system

Healthcare Quality for Developing Countries. This is a theoretical course that explores the nature of improvement science and its justification

Who will benefit?

Anyone who wishes to obtain a critical perspective of the domain of healthcare quality. If you find yourself in a position where you have to conceptually justify the importance of healthcare quality to your peers, superiors or subordinates. If you are seeking the underlying assumptions of the field of healthcare quality and improvement. If you have an interest in the history of ideas in healthcare quality and how it relates to other developments in medicine and healthcare, such as evidence based medicine , narrative medicine etc. or if you are plain curious about what is improvement science , implementation science , science based medicine , translational science , practice based research etc.

Course Description

Quality in any setting requires not only theory and the application of that theory, but also its implication. This is more so in the developing countries where the discipline of healthcare quality has a weak legacy. The idea of quality requires justification as the current avatar of improvement science, requires learning across paradigms. It is planned as course to be taught by multi-disciplinary faculty. The proposed course could appeal to both beginners and advanced practioners. Kindly check back for details of dates and venue.

Action for a better healthcare system

These are practice oriented courses that empower participants to apply the knowledge of improvement