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Improvement Studies Registry

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Improvement Studies Registry

"Science is the systematization of experience." -John Dewey

Improvement Science is an evolving field of the alignment of quality management, clinical research and patient care. Improvement studies refer to design, execution and the format of publication of improvement projects carried out in the work place. The three characteristic features of improvement studies are that they are real, rapid and simple. Often their local, uncontrolled, practiced based [rather than exclusively evidence based] nature raises issues about their validity as well as their generalisability.

While the debate of the true nature of the epistemology of improvement continues to unfold, there have be specific international guidelines for the publication of improvement studies, which we wish to popularize. The National Improvement Studies Registry [NISR] is a pioneering effort of the Institute for Healthcare Quality to enhance the academic status of Improvement Science in India. Unlike Journals that would publish only accept completed projects , the registry is a real-time forum that would create the space for open consultations, identify others working on similar or identical process improvements to learn from or collaborate with and at the same time esure greater chance of publication by following guidelines from the design stage itself. Democratization of Inquiry is the common starting point of Excellence and Science.